Coldwater Fish

Coldwater Fish

Coldwater Fish

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Common name: Gold Ring Butterfly Sucker.

Species: Sewellia lineolata.

Habitat: Vietnam.

Potential size: 6.5cm.

Social behaviour: A peaceful community fish. Needs a temperature of between 68 - 75F (20 - 23.8C), excellent water-flow and aeration, Numerous rocky hiding places and smooth pebbles and boulders to graze over.

Food: Algae, flake, wafers, tablets, frozen food etc.



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Common name: Rainbow Shiner.

Species: Notropsis chrosomus.

Habitat: North America; Recorded from several states in the south east of the USA, including Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee..

Potential size: Reaches a maximum size of around 8cm/3", but usually tops-out at 5cm/2".

Social behaviour: Unfussy and adaptable cool water fish suitable for room temperature aquaria down to about 10°C. Keep in shoals of 5 or 6+. .

Food: Flake, granules, frozen food, live food etc.


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