Sera CO2-Start

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A low priced start into CO2 fertilization.

Ideal for small aquariums up to 120 litres.

Sera CO2-Start consists of the Sera CO2 diffusion reactor and the Sera CO2-Tabs plus.

- 100% gas utilization.

- Without pressure gas bottle.

- Without any annoying hoses.

- Just re-dose with tablets.

Every time it is used, the sera CO2 diffusion reactor supplies the aquarium with a controlled supply of 100ml CO2. Generated by the sera CO2-Tabs plus, the CO2 is diffused into the aquarium water through the special plastic housing of the diffusion reactor. Dissolving sera CO2-Tabs plus release trace elements and vital substances that sink down and are distributed slowly and evenly by the water current. This ensures that all the plants have optimal access to the CO2 and other nutrients.


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