This is how we pack all our fish so that they reach you in perfect condition

All our fish are packed in at least two appropriately sized polythene bags with the correct amount of water. The bags are inflated with pure oxygen and secured with rubber bands. A layer of newspaper is placed between the two bags.

The bags are then packed into a polystyrene box and to minimize temperature fluctuations heat packs are added (2 or 3 in the winter months / 1 or 2 in the summer months). Any extra space in the box is filled with inflated bags or small polystyrene boxes, so as to stop any movement during travel.

The polystyrene box is then placed in a cardboard box & sealed a Water Parameter Sheet (which provides details about the water that the fish have been kept in prior to dispatch) & a detailed Acclimation Guide are also included.

All our fish are shipped overnight by APC to arrive the next day before noon. We get the courier to collect as late in the day as possible to avoid the fish being in transit for any longer than is necessary.