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This book is an in-depth survey of these magnificent fishes.

Freshwater stingrays are elegant creatures that repay close observation, but they are quite difficult fish to keep successfully and their sting makes them potentially dangerous.

You need expert advice to look after them properly and that is what this book provides. It is a superb guide to caring for these rare and beautiful fish.

Contents includes:

- What are rays?

- South American freshwater stingrays.

- The ray aquarium.

- The behaviour of rays.

- Feeding rays.

- Breeding rays.

- Illnesses and diseases.

This book contains 80 pages.  


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Nothing is more important for a healthy aquarium environment than providing and maintaining clean water.

This book clearly explains the chemical and biological processes that affect water quality.

Learn how to create and monitor the best water conditions for your tropical freshwater fish.

Practical photographs and colourful graphics are used throughout the book to put the message across in a simple and effective way.

This book contains 77 pages.



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Information & advice to help you take good care of your Lake Malawi Cichlids.

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Expert advice on purchasing, feeding, maintaining a healthy environment, breeding and much more.

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