Aquarium Treatments

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Proper pH 7.0 is perfect for all freshwater community aquariums.

Automatically sets pH to 7.0.

Neutralizes chlorine.

Detoxifies heavy metals.

Treats over 757 litres.



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Proper pH 8.2 is perfect for Saltwater, Brackish and African Cichlid aquariums.

Automatically sets pH at 8.2.

Increases carbonate hardness (KH).

Does not contain phosphate.

Treats over 757 litres.


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Sera Nitrivec contains a special mixture of different high quality purification bacteria for aquarium water.

Sera Nitrivec prevents the enrichment of ammonia and nitrite.

When using Sera Nitrivec fish can be added after 24 hours.

Treats 500 litres.


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Sera Algovec for algae growth control in freshwater aquariums.

Treats 400 litres.


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Sera water hardening for R/O, spring & soft water.

Sera mineral salt contains minerals that are present in natural water in biologically correct amount, which are required for enriching mineral-poor water (e.g. R/O water).

Water conditioned with Sera mineral salt can be used immediately.

Dosage - 5g for each 100 litres results in a carbonate hardeness of 0.6 dH.

Size: 105g



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