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Sera Super Carbon

- Quickly and reliably absorbs toxic substances and colourants from the aquarium water. The yellowish tint of the aquarium water disappears. The water becomes crystal clear.

- Sera Super Carbon does not affect the pH value & is free from phosphate & nitrate.

- Do not apply filter carbon, or remove the filter carbon, before treating diseases with a treatment. Otherwise the active substances of the treatment are immediately absorbed.

- Due to its super large surface, Sera Super Carbon remains active for 6 weeks.

- Suitable for filtration of fresh and saltwater.


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Sera Super Peat releases valuable humic acids and trace elements well-dosed into the aquarium water.

- Depending on the present water values sera super peat will lower carbonate hardness and pH value. The pH value is kept constant in the slightly acidic range for a long time. This makes fish from tropic softwater areas feel much better. sera super peat inhibits growth of fungus, bacteria and algae.

- Sera super peat is suitable for water conditioning in breeding setups, also in case of low carbonate hardness (KH).



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Sera Filter Wool for the mechanical prefiltration consists of stable fibers that hold back fine dirt particles for a longer period without sticking or collapsing.

- Sera filter wool can be washed out several times.

- Suitable for fresh water and salt water filtration.


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